Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Special DXing Event on New Year Eve - 9M4CHM

We going to do DXing event on New Year Eve Nite, as well as to celebrating the New Year 2010. All Amateur Radio Stations & Swl from all over the world are invited to join these DX'ing event.

Event details are as below :

Date: 31/12/2009
Time: 18.00hrs until 10.00hrs (01/01/2010)
UTC Time : +8 (GMT)
Venue: Rejab Tomyam Restaurant, Batu 3, Shah Alam, Malaysia.
GPS Coordinate: N03º 03.716' E101º 33.440'
Freq/ Bands: 2m, 10m, 15m, 20m, 40m dan 80m
Station Masters: 9M2GTR & 9M2RIE & 9M2ONE
Special Event Callsign: 9M4CHM

Co-ordinator: 9W2YR, 9W2MDY, 9W2MSG & 9W2CYB

Calling Frequencies :

9M4RBC - 147.750mhz, Simplex V44 & V20

73's de 9m2gtr

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Rumah Terbuka Amatur Radio di Puncak Alam

Dengan penuh keikhlasan & hormat, kami ingin menjemput semua rakan-rakan, amatur station & swl serta semua pembaca blog untuk hadir ke majlis kami.

Details seperti dibawah :

Tarikh : 17 Okt 2009 (Sabtu)
Masa : 0830 mlm hingga selesai....
Alamat : Lorong Naluri Sukma 8/18, Bandar Puncak Alam Selangor D.E
GPS info :N 3° 13.836’ E 101° 25.422”
Sambutan : Rumah Terbuka Sempena Aidilfitri Amatur Radio Puncak Alam.
Anjuran : 9W2NIC, 9W2RFZ, 9W2JIZ, 9M2VIP, 9W2XMV, 9W2EM, 9W2GTR, 9W2CLS ,9W2ZMW, 9W2BKN, 9W2VOL & 9W2EDK.
Calling FRQ : V20 (145.250), 9M4RBC & 9M4RES.

** Turut dijemput seisi keluarga **
** Semoga kehadiran semua dapat memeriahkan lagi majlis kami **

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Another 28 days

Went for my TCA at Sg. Buloh Hosp and the X-ray shown not a good result for my right clavicle facture....hmmmm. While composing this short update i can feel my shoulder getting weak and weaker. For 3 week i'm wearing the arm sling as advise by the doc cause my neck, elbow to wrist getting stiff specially when woke up in the morning.

I've been advise temporary not to lift heavy goods using my right hand, no driving, riding and not to drink chocolate, excessive coffee and tea...recommended taking more calcium milk every morning. Well i'm just nodding my head while listening to the doc advise or can i said... mumbling.

Thanks to all of my friends for your call & sms...i really appreciate it very much. Of cause my special thanks for my wife also as my personal nurse.

May Allah bless you all.

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Friday, July 31, 2009

Broken Bones - Right Clavicle

How it's happen? Pls dun asked me now okey.

When thru 2 x-ray session at 2 different hospital which is Sungai Buloh & SJMC and the result... There are fractures of the mid shaft of the my right clavicle and the rest of the my bones appear normal.
Given MC for 3 weeks by Doctor at Sungai Buloh Hospital and other 6 weeks from SJMC Ortho Specialist. Praying for my right clavicle will heal naturally.

To all my family & friend, thanks for your wishes & doa.

Signing off frm ward 313 SJMC.

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sand and Stone

Friend of mine emails me this story and hoping that i will quickly recover from my heartbreak.... Though i've once be their helmsman, but now i'm helpless...


Sand and Stone

A story tells that two friends were walking through
the desert. During some point of the journey, they
had an argument, and one friend slapped the other
one in the face. The one who got slapped was hurt,
but without saying anything, he wrote in the sand:

Today my best friend slapped me in the face.

They kept on walking, until they found an oasis,
where they decided to take a bath. The one who had
been slapped got stuck in the mire and started
drowning, but his friend saved him. After he
recovered from the near drowning, he wrote on a stone:

Today my best friend saved my life.

The friend, who had slapped and saved his best
friend, asked him, "After I hurt you, you wrote in
the sand, and now, you write on a stone,....why?"

The other friend replied:
"When someone hurts us, we should write it down in sand, where the winds of
forgiveness can erase it away,
but when someone does something good for us, we must engrave it in
stone where no wind can ever erase it.


To my friend, buddy & henchman..May ALLAH blessing us now & forever.

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Think about's not too late

First, i am dying to finish my school and start college
And then i was dying to finish college and start working
Then i was dying to marry and have children
And then i was dying for my children
to grow and old enough

so i could go back to work
But then i was dying to retire
And now i am dying....
And suddenly i realized
i forgot to live

Please don't let this happen to you
Do appreciate your current situation
and enjoy each day

To make money we lose our health, and then to restore our health we lose our money.....
We live as if we are never going to die, and we die as if we newer lived...

...old friend

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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

The Cengkelat

Perhaps you'll ask me...What is The "Cengkelat"? Well while preparing this posting, i've decided not to tell much bout it.. as people said 1 pic can speak for a 1000 here i publish 2 of my candid pic taken last week.And suddenly it's recalled me to the quotes from The X-Files, one of my old times favorite science fiction TV series said... THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE.

p/s Cengkelat = Sengkelat in Malay Dictionary published by DBP.

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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

5 in 1 Weekend

Eyeball @ 9W2MDY

Specially organized by 9w2mdy night before his lovely daughter Ika's wedding day. Me, Jen, Vol, Jiz & GTi hv been asked by mdy to prepare "Sup Tulang" as a main dish for the guest that coming to the eyeball that night. Even though it just a single menu for us to prepare, but we took our tasks seriously as we do not want to jeopardize our host program and his reputations. Trusted me if not because of our friendships being a Radio Amateur (RA) and the host was someone that we well respected...we surely refuse to handle such tasks.

Alhamdullilah everything goes as planned that night, all guest mostly RA stations coming & returned home with a smile and of course wit
h their tummy loaded with sup tulang, bee hoon daging, roti canai/bomm, capati, apam !! Oh yea not to forget our special guests, 8 ORARI RA stations that coming all the ways from Riau Islands. They took a long hours journey to meet us here in shah alam inconjuction with these wedding. And for me they hv shown a truly RA spirit & friendships that we have built thru the amateur airwaves...Salute!

Cycling @ Setia Alam

Saturday morning, as usual i & jen gathered at 8am at Vol hse. Event though i return home at spirit really boost up this morning, coz I've few new stuff fixed on my Raleigh...hehehe. Looking at the sky it show a great & blessing weather for us to do cycling. And we've decided to enhance our usual route frm 24km to 30km...cycling from a easy flat road to a hard line uphills with a sharp downhills attack end up me & vol accomplished 36km with an average speed of 21 km/h. Btw, don't ask me bout jen...coz he find his own 'bangla pergi pasar' way back home.

Our end point as usual is sri melur rest...plan to have quick breakfast there as we'll going to attend mdy harmonic wedding in the noon. Unfortunately 1 thing happen there while we almost finish our breakfast...I've been provoke with a nasty words by an arrogant wira driver probably drunk and crazy, he so daring parked his car at reserve parking for disable the same time nearly smack jen bicycle that lie-down there. With his stylo walks he then shouted & mumbling at me..."ko apa pandang2...blah..blah..blah..blah"which is really make all my cooling fuses burned out...he was so lucky coz Vol became peacemaker or else..hmmmmm.

Wedding @ 9W2MDY

Upon reaching mdy house, my ears catches a very ha
ppening song played for the bridegroom and guests. While having my foods, LKB whisper at me that the CD's was specially flown from France by mdy new son-in-law. ;) or perhaps it also a tribute to Michael Jackson : The King of Pop...R.I.P King.Waiting me there was 8 ORARI RA station lead by YE5RA Pak Raja, they were planing to go shopping right after mdy receptions. As the group will going to Eyeball at D'Tasik Rest, UNITEN for dinner organized by MARES, we decided to bring them to new shopping mall AEON @ Bkt. Tinggi Klang. Me, BDZ, DNO, YDP & CLS spend 2 hours windows shopping with them there and then bring them back to INTEKMA Resort Shah Alam by 6pm. I wish i can spend more time with them but i need to rushed back home to fetch my daughter return frm her school trips.

Click to view Ika's wedding pictures

Cycling @ Setia Alam-Shah Alam-Klang-Setia Alam and ORARI group

Rainy Sunday morning, i woke up early as we plan to cycle at 7am. Reached Setia Alam by 715am and while waiting vol to arrive recd sms that jen decided to start cycling without wait for us. His main reason coz he does not want to be late bring Pak Raja group to bus station..hmmmmm or perhaps jen do not want to be left far behind us with his powderfull merida touring bike huhuhu

I & vol decided to cycling to Intekma and having ou
r breakfast in shah alam this morning. We started our routes frm jln meru to bkt rajah toll then enter sek.7 before arrive at Intekma located at Sek.6. My toughest challenge was climbing up hill near the UiTM main entrance and took us 40 minutes cycling 19km frm Setia Alam to Intekma Resort. Upon reaching the resort lobby i saw Pak Raja and his group has ready waiting for their transporters. We caught them to a surprise when coming with bicycle or they called "sepader" i hope i've spelled it correctly.. hehehe

While waiting their transporters, we just chit chat low watts but high density subject with Pak Raja & group and finally bdz arrived follow by jen after 45minutes waiting..that really clear their rainbow faces and butterfly in their stomach..hehehe. We then start back our cycling to our next point which is sek.17 bus station. By 1030am the next pak raja & group transporter take them to Johor before they need to take Ferry back home. Right after the bus depart, we cycling to our next point for our free mdy house. :)

After our quick & simple breakfast, i & vol continue our cycling to our final point which is Setia Alam. The routes mostly a flat road but our biggest challenge now is the sun that brightly sprinkling on top of our he
ads. We clock 41km with average speed of 22 km/h for sunday lite & easy ride.

Wedding @ 9W2RMK

Another new RA that i've meet up recent
ly and today was his big day...he got married. Drive about 20min from my home to jeram where RMK wedding located and upon arrived me & family really starving looking at serving dishes especially the nasi byrani. yummmyyy
While waiting the bridegroom me, bdz, edk, vol & our family just enjoying our food and listening to the traditional malay wedding songs that cheer up the wedding atmosphere. The bridegroom appears with a beautiful traditional jawa wedding dress...accept for rmk special "capal" that really rare to me. Anyway, i & family wishing rmk & wife...selamat pengantin baru.

Click to view rmk's wedding pictures.

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My Bicycle - Raleigh

It has been a month that I've bought an mtb bicycle. As a beginner in this hobby, I've do few surveys & study since in the market does offer various kinda bicycle... and trust me it's not an easy decision to make, especially when it involved...RM. Finally I've decided to buy an entry level 9 Speed mtb bicycle brand Raleigh Elite. Price? as usually the shop will tags it higher and buyers like me will negotiate till it suited to my tiny budget... of cause will ask them to add extra accessories like helmet, pants, bicycle stands, meter...ect...ect.

My Raleigh Bicycle Specification briefly as below:

Brand : Raleigh Trail Series
Frame : 16" Alloy
Color : White
Headset : Cane Creek
Fork : SR SunTour XCM V2
FD & RD Shimano Deore
Gearing : 9 Speed
Saddles : Wellgo
Brakes : Tektro Disk
s Front & Rear
Rims : Raleigh Alloys

Accessories : CatEye Blinker, CatEye Mirco Wireless, Helmet & Bicycle Stand.

Picture shown here was taken from last weekend cycling session at setia alam. I'm glad full to have Bro Kamal & Jen as my cycling partners and sharing same interest in these.. Bro kamal has been cycling for more than 12 years whereas Jen has started cycling 2 week early than I.

Mostly our cycling's are schedule on saturday & sunday morning, each session we were cycling about 20 - 25km..frm 8am and finish by 10am. Last month, I've done solo session from Puncak Alam(home) - Setia Alam - Puncak Alam, it about 40km....guess not so bad achievement for newbie likes me rite..hehehe

Even though people in Malaysia are less interested in cycling...where mostly riding bicycle is for children or poor people..i hope my cycling interest continues warm and wish one day can effort to buys brand like Giant, Merida, Kona ect.

Thanks to Bro Kamal VOL, Mero JEN, Cikgu Lan AGC, Sham OCC & Chedin CKH for their kind knowledge & interest sharing in cycling to me. Finally, special thanks to my wife CLS & kids for their continues support & understanding in my hobby...especially those involved wheel..!! Love you.

Click for more pic - Setia Alam Cycling

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Terima kasih

Alhamdullilah selesai sudah majlis makan-makan sabtu lepas, Terima kasih kepada semua yang hadir. Walaupun info & confirmation agak lewat/short notices. Terima kasih juga kepada kawan-kawan yang turut menyampaikan info mengenai majlis melalui frequency, email, telefon, sms, mms & 3g... Biasalah bile buat sesuatu majlis nie besar atau kecil yang penting sekali muafakat & teamwork.

Majlis makan-makan nie sememangnya utk kite semua mengeratkan lagi silaturrahim yg telah terjalin. Disamping itu meraikan host 9w2jen yang lulus cw
(sekarang -9m2jen), promotion utk xyl jen, anniversary ke 20 utk vol & isteri, birthday saya & kwn2 yg sewaktu dgnnya...hehehe

Terima kasih kepada 9w2mdy yang sudi meminjamkan IC718, Power Supply, keyer, ATU dan lain2 barangan rosak beliau...hehehe, 9w2YR utk antenna diapole WD330 & CB radio, 9M2AGC utk keyer, ATU & skill ketuk 35wpm...terlopong aku tgk bersama kawan2 lain. Juga kepada semua kawan2 yang sudi membantu menjayakan majlis ini.

Jika ada sebarang kekurangan makanan & tidak menepati citarasa kawan2, harap diajukan terus kepada host..supaya dia dapat memperbaiki mutu masakan beliau...hahaha. Tapi bab kekurangan masa DXing itu adalah kerana beberapa faktor diluar kawalan seperti ATU rosak, propagation dll. Equipment dah power..station master dah assignment aku kire settle dgn cemerlang lah ;)

Ok sekali lagi terima kasih kepada host - 9m2jen, 9w2jiz, 9w2vol & 9w2gtr (aku ler ni) diatas kemuafakatan kite semua..adik beradik. Terima kasih kepada semua kawan2 & family & YL2 yang memeriahkan majlis. Pada kawan-kawan yang tidak problem, insyakallah jika kami ada rezeki boleh kite jumpa & makan-makan lagi.

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Monday, May 18, 2009

Jemput Makan !!!

Dengan penuh keikhlasan & hormat, 9W2JEN & kami menjemput semua rakan-rakan/pembaca blog untuk hadir ke majlis kami.

Details seperti dibawah :

Tarikh : 23 Mei 2009 (Sabtu)
Masa : 0800 mlm hingga lebam...
Alamat : No 54 Jln Setia Impian U13/4E, 40170 Setia Alam, Selangor D.E
GPS info :N 3° 05.993’ E 101° 26.747”
Sambutan : Lulus CW - 9w2jen, Promotion, Birthday GTR & rakan2, 20th Anniversary VOL, dll.
Anjuran : 9W2JEN, JIZ, VOL dan GTR

** Turut dijemput seisi keluarga **
** Semoga kehadiran semua dapat memeriahkan lagi majlis kami **

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy Mothers & Nurses Day

Every single day, mother's & nurses dedicate their lives to helping others and striving to make a real difference to the well being of those that they care for. Celebrating Mothers & Nurses' Day is an opportunity for everyone around the world to remember the valuable contributions, that mothers & nurses make to their family and society.

To my beloved mother - Hajjah Asanah and to my Special Miss Nightingale's - Puan Raja Intan Azlin, my beloved wife and mother of my 3 hap"pening" kids. Both women that had given continues support & priceless love in my life.

Thank you mak, thank you sayang...HAPPY MOTHERS & NURSES DAY.

Special song for both of you...

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Thursday, May 07, 2009

Kelas Persediaan RAE 01/2009

Anjuran : ASTRA Kawasan Tengah
Tempat : Pusat Sumber Pendidikan JAIS, Kg. Jawa, Klang Selangor D.E
Tarikh : 6 - 7 Jun 2009 (Sabtu & Ahad).
Masa : 0830 am - 0530 pm
Bayaran Dewasa : RM 20
Percuma : Peserta berusia bawah 17 Tahun & Peserta berusia 60 tahun keatas.
** Bayaran adalah untuk mengisi tabung repeater**

Tenaga Pengajar

9M2AGC Ahmad Azlan (Pensyarah Fakulti Kejuruteraan Elektrik Komunikasi - Politeknik Shah Alam)
9W2JEN Saiful Firdaus (Pensyarah Fakulti Kejuruteraan Elektrik Kuasa - UiTM Shah Alam)

** Nota Kelas diberikan percuma kepada 20 peserta terawal.**
** Makanan tidak disediakan**

Fasiliti Lain - Bilik Hawa Dingin, Projector, Surau & Kemudahan asas lain disediakan.

** Untuk peserta yang memerlukan penginapan, kemudahan disediakan dgn bayaran yg minimum oleh JAIS.
Kepada yang berminat, sila hubungi rakan-rakan dibwh:
1) 9W2JEN Saiful Firdaus - 012 506 2958
2) 9W2BDZ Mohd Fadzlee - 012 616 8183
3) 9W2MSG Mohd Suhaimi - 016 385 9795
4) 9W2GTR Mohd Faizal - 012 310 9869

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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bernafas dalam lumpur

Lama dah aku tiada post kat blog nie..tapi jika ada yang baca dari awal2 posting sure tahu, bila aku free aku ada idea aku post. Lagi pun aku seorang yang lelaki yang bebas tiada sebarang perjanjian atau komitment serius aku disini.

Apa pun bukan aku tidak menghargai kawan2 yang suka melawat atau "meliwat" utk mengetahui perihal aktiviti aku disini. Hmmm berat gak ayat "meliwat" nie...jgn salah tafsir yea.

Pada kwn2 yg melawat tapi tiada sebarang posting...maaf yea, bukan niat aku silentkan blog nie. Pada aku ini hobi...ada citer, masa & kerajinan aku akan update & post. Ada beberapa draft dah "berulat" dlm nie...nanti aku rawat draft tu aku update ok.

Pada kwn2 yg "meliwat" jangan hilang semangat...aku tahu korang setia membaca dan ingin mengetahui perkembangan aku gakkan...tapi dari belakang je kan..ayat remaja aku yg sesuai tuk korang ialah "meliwat"...atau mat rempit cakap lu suka main belakang beb hehehe

Lagu wings bawah nie popular masa aku tingkatan 3...pernah aku jadikan modal utk public speaking kat sekolah dulu...till sekarang aku suka lagu ini. Kalau korang nak tahu 1st album aku beli dari duit sekolah yg aku kumpul ialah...Album Wings - Jerangkung Dlm Almari.

Bernafas Dalam Lumpur

Lama mana lagi
Hendak ku turutkan
Kata telunjuk yang menuding kepalaku
Sabar apa lagi
Hendak ku turutkan
Hingga aku bernafas bagai dalam lumpur

Wajah kita sama
Beza pada gaya
Itu pilihan masing-masing yang empunya
Mungkin pada usia
Rasa yang berbeza
Yang penting kita saling hormat menghormati

Kita tak dapat bersama
Namun kita juga manusia
Kita punya rasa cinta
Masing-masing punya harga...oh..oh...

Mahu apa lagi
Akan aku korbankan
Selagi ada hayatku di kandung badan
Oh terima kasih
Kerana balasan
Semoga sejahteralah hidup semua
Oh kawan

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